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Originally Posted by photomoof View Post
Ditto. I am one who has never quite made a smooth jump into digital.

I use to be a die-hard B&W analog film only kinda guy. I performed only image capture shooting mucho film thinking I would wet print later. My negatives are likely a bit too dense and are not optimized for scanning, and my thinking was why would I effectively want to take the same shot twice, which effectively scanning (making a digital copy from film) is.

When Leica created the Monochrom, I made the jump. Since January of last year I have been digitally printing Monochrom files using an Epson 3880 ( bought the Monochrom when it first came out) and Piezography (seven shades of black). The results are stunning and I quickly learned that the 3880 (17 inch printer) is too small a printer.

Through divine intervention (too many things had to happen right) I got a Epson 7800 that only made 1802 prints over its 9 year life before I bought it for $100.00. The 7800 was used just enough to avoid clogs, yet remains a fresh printer because it was seldom used. Soon I will empty the Piezoflush that I installed to maintain and store the 7800 and load ink. I was at the right place at the right time, a friend with a car offered delivery, and everything fell into place. Mike was moving back to Japan and was not going to take the 7800.

Come to the January NYC Meet-Up and see some of these prints this Sunday. By changing out two ink slots I can print digital negatives for contact printing on Ilford silver fiber paper on overhead projection film. Jon Cone has already done the heavy lifting. I need studio space and a vacuum frame and I'm where I want to be. I never thought I would need an Imacon or drum scanner, but now I have to consider it. The prints are that good.

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