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Ok.. here's a bit of an update.
  1. Distortion on the LX3
    Yep, it exists.
    Here's a shot out of the camera JPEG

    and here's one that was RAW converted in Raw Photo Processor (RPP)

    That's at the wide end - I haven't bothered to do any at the telephoto end as of yet.
  2. RAW images @ ISO 800
    A comparison b/w RAW shots from the GR Digital II at ISO 800 and the LX3 at ISO 800 - both converted in RAW Photo Processor with the same parameters. The crops and second LX3 shot was adjusted for exposure, "warmth, and white balance.

    LX3 via RPP @ ISO800 no adjustments:

    GR Digital II via RPP @ ISO800 no adjustments:

    LX3 (on the left/above) and GR Digital II (on the right/below) 100% top left crops:

    LX3 (on the left/above) and GR Digital II (on the right/below) 100% center crops:

    Finally, the LX3 shot adjusted via RPP:

The "haloing" that's occurring in the Panasonic images by the pot lights is, to the best of my knowledge, something funky in the RPP software. The shots were all taken wide open with both lenses - the Panasonic lens is, clearly, sharp wide open but that barrel distortion is present and can be easily seen. The Ricoh, I think, is good but I don't think it's as sharp as the Panasonic - not that it's horrible, but the LX3 has an edge imho.

Hope this helps a bit more ..

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