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Pity there were few entries, but that didn't make judging any easier! The entries were very good!

I had a really hard time between MikeL's, Ray's, Tarzak's, RML's and Marc's...well...all; Memphis' was interesting.

After a lot of wrestling, it came down to just between RML's and Marc's. RML's has a beautiful composition and engages you to look at the elements in it, and it is dominated by water...then the reflection, then whatever is floating on it.

Marc's has a beautiful interpretation, with a human element in it, and a great composition that is both disciplined and breaking away from convention. You can see raindrops falling, and the umbrellas simply underline this water theme.

I can't look away from either.

After much much deliberation. Marc's "Ballet under Eiffel Tower" is it. Is there a sweaty smiley with a hand fan?
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