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Actually, I work as one of several editors for a Web site ( During the day, I generally process photos that go up on the site, rebuild the home page and do a lot of advance work, plus edit work of others.

I create head shots for the head shot library that I created for us and pull down and process wire photos that will run on the weekend.

I probably read and write more in a day than most people do in a month.

I redesigned the home page over the summer: five weeks, no staff, no budget -- just me. I designed our Super Bowl promotions for the home page and Steelers page in one day. I designed the PM Business report in one hour. Little tricks I learn at work are put onto my site. And things I create for my site often are used at work.

I write Word VB macros to streamline my own work. I also use Word's Autotext function extensively. I have Word macros that create HTML tables. I've done countdown timers, <IFRAME> slideshows and a small amount of Javascript work.

I can work circles around most people on this planet, and I know it.

Photography is a hobby and a way to relax. I generally take most of my photos these days on my four-block walk into work from the bus or a 15-20 minute out of office break that I take each day. Not much time for creativity, but it's a nice break and it's my time.

My original plan was to be a news photographer, but I lacked the confidence (and apparently the talent) to do it way back when. So I'm on the news side. But that's fine. I've worked at nine newspapers in three states and three countries. In my life, I've lived in 23 different places (a different place every two years) and have visited 13 countries -- give or take a couple. I've lived a pretty damn good life so far. Didn't make it to Egypt, India aor Thailand, which I really wanted to do. But I still have time.

So one person's comments don't really mean that much in the grand scheme of life. It's a lot like the guy who cuts you off in traffic. You get pissed for a moment, but you won't remember him in 10 minutes, because in your entire life, it was two seconds. There are more important things.
-Mike Elek
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