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Originally Posted by John Shriver
Elmar f=9cm 1:4 No 596514. Meter, has some remains of coating. (A dog.)
Elmar f=9cm 1:4 No 556563. Meter, uncoated.
Hektor f=13,5cm No 600125. Meter, coated.

All to f:36 minimum aperture, continental scale.
John, thank you very much for the data. Elmar #556563 is a 1940 lens. #596514 is an early 1945 lens while the Hektor is a late 1945 lens.

While my data is much too sketchy at the moment to tell anything for certain, what I've been able to find on ebay plus what RFF members have sent me, it appears that Leitz was coating their lenses by at least some point in 1944. Whether they were coating all or only military destined lenses is also not known. That's what I hope to eventually determine if it hasn't already been recorded somewhere. I haven't seen that data in print myself but it could be.

Thanks again.

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