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Originally Posted by p.giannakis View Post
Has anyone used one of these? ...
They say it is of good quality glass.

It's one of the so called Leica Mini, Mini II and Mini 3 (Titan) clones. That's the Minolta Rive Mini, the C-625 and the Olympus Trip AF Mini.

Put them all together and look at the backs and you'll not be able to tell them apart. Same goes for the base and the innards with a minor variation or two.

The are all f/3.5, with a tough transparent lens cover but the fronts vary because minor bits are positioned differently and the lens barrels are a different shape.

The usual rumours on ebay etc suggest they are are all one and the same camera but I can see that the focal lengths of the lenses vary (33, 34 and 35mm from memory) and some are marked as made in Japan and the Olympus is made in Korea.

My guess is that the components were either bought in or else designed for branded cameras, that's just a guess, obviously. Here's the Panasonic, Leica and Minolta (that's from top to bottom) with the backs open to show the family likeness.

Those I've owned and used them all and they all had decent lenses. I can't say more than that as all mine were bought second-hand and cheaply but I have been impressed with them all.

I've never managed to get a manual for the Panasonic and the others give a specification that leaves out a few details I'd like to have; shutter speeds for one...

I hope this helps.

Regards, David

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