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This is way cool... I'm a big fan of instant cameras the Fuji pack film is really nice. Is the whole frame exposed? I'd love to see some shots with this setup.

I just bought a 4x5 Speed Graphic w/Wollensak 254/4.5. It's my understanding that that lens is one of the fastest/longest you can get while still allowing the body to collapse properly. And if you stretch the bellows a bit, you can get nice head and shoulders portrait framing, something that is almost impossible with my 195. The lens works out to the equivalent of an 85/1.2 on 135. I can't wait to start playing around with it!

I've never shot 4x5 film before so I was just researching the use of a Fuji PA-145 or Polaroid 405 back. That should allow me to use regular Fuji pack film in it -- albeit cropped from 4x5 to 3.25x4.25. Sadly the 4x5 Fuji instant film was discontinued a year or two back.

Resurrecting this thread has given me a chance to post some of my shots as well... I finally tracked down a PA-145. Wow are those instant film backs expensive! Anyway, these are just iphone pictures of the shots, but I think they turned out great. And best of all, my camera appears to working perfectly. Exposure was dead on. These were all taken at f5.6 and while the iphone photos don't show, the center sharpness is fantastic. I'm excited to try this setup in the daytime with the FP100C.

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