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I lifted this directly from a guy's post on APUG, who is a Zeiss dealer:

"Dear Zeiss Photo Dealer,

Please note, a decision has been made to discontinue the Zeiss Ikon Camera. There is a limited amount of stock on hand, after which the product will no longer be available. We will continue to provide spare parts and service on the camera for the immediate future. This decision also effects the various spare parts for the camera body, such as the camera strap, side grip, camera case and the diopter lenses. These accessories are only available while supplies last.

This decision reflects the ongoing transformation from film to digital capture. While sales of the camera have remained steady over the last several years, it is no longer feasible to continue manufacturing the product.

Carl Zeiss remains committed to manufacturing the ZM lens series and as indicated at Photokina, we will develop at least one new high speed, prime lens during 2013. More information about this product will be announced in the coming year."

Jim B.
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