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Originally Posted by farlymac View Post
Voigtlander also made a multiple mount accessory shoe for using a meter and viewfinder at the same time. This could be enough to move your VC away from the rewinder.

There were three different models, all now discontinued but probably available second hand from the usual suspects. CameraQuest's web page on Voigtlander Accessories illustrates and describes them all and their configuration. One is significantly offset and would probably be ideal.
I have the "A" model (mount height 4mm) and used it when I had a IIIf. I was lazy and didn't bother refitting the shoe to the opposite side - just reversed the way I mounted it and pushed the VCII in from the front. If you do that you just have to make sure the shoe is a good fit and the meter isn't going to slide out onto the ground! I've just compared mine to the photo in the OP and it looks like it should work for him just fine.

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