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i am so thankful that crop factors don't bother me.
i love my rd1 and the lenses that i have decided on. and i really like my d90!

the fuji pro is very tempting...i love autofocus and it's faster than manual focus, for me, in most situations.
my d90 has spot metering and small area focus, 2 of my favourite things along with aperture priority. it's not a very big dslr and the small and cheap nikkor prime lenses keep it all fits nicely into the tt retro bag.

somewhere along the way, i have decided that full frame and it's higher costs are for folks that make money with their gear and that cropped sensors are for the rest of us.
even if i were to consider myself an artist...i would still be more than happy with a cropped sensor.
so many self imposed rules we put onto ourselves...we do.
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