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Originally Posted by Ken Smith View Post
Obviously something broke. Or it was broken prior to you purchasing the camera and the damage now manifested itself. The damage could just be failure of adhesive that holds the glass in place. Personally I'd find out how to open the thing up, open it up and have a look see.
Thanks, Ken.

Strangely enough, I think I may have solved the mystery. The camera came to me with a piece of tape covering the film counter window. Previous owner (who did not state this in the ad) admitted to forgetting to tell me about the flaw, stating that it was like that when he bought it from the first owner. I believe the 'piece of glass' is actually the film counter window, and somehow it's wedged itself into place in front of the rangefinder. It looks like I'm going to have to find a way inside in order to fix this. The only thing that came up regarding opening the R from the top was posted long enough ago that the attachments don't exist anymore. Does anyone here have information regarding the disassembly of the top cover for the Bessa R?

Thanks again.

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