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Bessa R RF Patch...
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Bessa R RF Patch...

Hey everyone. I'm new here and just got my first Bessa (R) in the mail a couple days ago. I'm familiar with rangefinders and I'm freaking out a little bit because of something I just noticed with my Bessa. I've been shooting with it the two days I've had it, and everything has been great. Today at school I picked up the Bessa (after not looking through the VF yet today) and I tried focusing it and the second RF image is not there. At first it was completely gone, and I thought that maybe this was due to the extremely specular light outside today (I thought maybe the RF was flaring out). I came inside and tried the same thing, focusing that is, and I can't see the second RF image. I haven't knocked the camera at sleeps on my bedside table at night, I've had it around my neck otherwise. PLEASE help as this is my dream camera and I'm worried I'll have to send it in for repairs which I can't afford. I'm handy with camera repair and would be open to suggestions about opening the thing up and DIY'ing, I'm just unsure if this is the best route. Again, please help me. Thank you all in advance, RFF!

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