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Originally Posted by Gid View Post
This is not difficult.

You have M mount lenses that you like to use; you prefer the DoF from full frame; you like using RFs; you don't have time for film; you don't want to lug a large camera around.

There is only one camera that fits the bill - the M9. You can afford it, so just do it and start enjoying your recreational photography again. I look forward to seeing images from your m9 in the near future
You make it sound so simple Gid!

People need to remember that I spent two and a half years with an M8 and really liked the camera aside from the crop factor and the IR problem. I'm quite comfortable with the idea of a digital M ... just not the M8. And looking back that M8 cost me $6500 ... so I'm also used to being fleeced by Leica! LOL
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