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Sure, if the amount of frames is high and maybe also color predominates then the M9 makes sense, a lot of sense. For the occasional BW frame (up to ten rolls per monh), I dunno ...

Originally Posted by Vince Lupo View Post
Dunno, don't think it's entirely mad, but I guess it all depends on what you get used to (and I'm sure Keith has had his share of darkroom time over the years, as many of us have). I mean, if you had 600 digital images shot (RAW), that would be two 8gb cards, and yes, it would take some time to go through them in either PhotoShop RAW or some other program (but could be done reasonably quickly if you knew what you were looking for). Downloading them from the card and onto your computer would take about 4 minutes. But, 600 images shot on 36 exp. Tri-X is about 17 rolls of film -- how long would that take to develop and then scan? Here again, depends on what you're used to, or what you at least grow used to.....having said that, I'm trying to motivate myself to develop film again!
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