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Originally Posted by daveywaugh View Post
If it's totally non-professional and size is the main issue, then I cannot see how that $5500, plus the $3K in lenses can be justified. At some point you'll possibly be wanting the D800 too ;-) I'd second the Fuji XPro with the few primes and sell your M mount lenses and M2 (unless you're THAT attached to them). Better still, keep your M2 and fav lens and shoot s bit of film. It just seems like such a massive investment...

Considering how well the D700 does what I ask of it that seems unlikely and I'd be incredibly reluctant to part with my M mount lenses ... or my M2!

And I hated the way the auto focus futzed about on the X100 when I had it ... in fact auto focus generally doesn't impress me. I never use it on the D700!
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