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Originally Posted by Araakii View Post
...Are the photos really consistently good?
Good question.
According to the publisher's description, these books trace the development of his early color work. So, the answer is probably, "No". But maybe that isn't exactly the point. This seems more of a survey than a "Greatest hits". For a distillation of this work, see "William Eggleston's Guide".

New arrivals for me...

Seismic Shift. Lewis Baltz, Joe Deal and California Landscape Photography, 1944-1984. This is the catalog for a show last fall at UC Riverside's California Museum of Photography. It examines the evolution from the classic work of Weston, Adams, and others to the cooler approach which emerged in the seventies.

Timothy H. O'Sullivan. The King Survey Photographs.
I've always loved the 19th century western landscape work of O'Sullivan, Muybridge, Watkins, Jackson, etc. This is a great new book which reproduces all of the O'Sullivan photographs made during Clarence King's survey of the 40th parallel from the California/Nevada border, east to the great plains. Beautiful book with 3 or 4 nice essays, including one by Mark Klett who has re-photographed many of these views for some of his projects (see, Second View. The Rephotographic Survey).
I might also have to pick up this...

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