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Originally Posted by kossi008 View Post
And I do like your b/w conversion. How do you do it?
Thanks! I don't have one single process that works for all images. Most are converted to B&W with a gradient overlay in PS, sometimes I'll use PS's B&W adjustment layer tool. I find the adjustment layer works better if there's large areas of red in the image. Tonally, a reds and a blues encountered in real life, especially clothing have the same lightness, so a gradient overly will render them as the same shade of grey, so in this case I'd use an adjustment layer to get one of the colors to pop.

The gradient overlay can also be tricky, the less contrast in the original image, the more contrast the gradient will give to the B&W, and vice versa... it's a great tool for some images and craptastic for others.

After black and white conversion, I have a few PS actions I've put together to do a micro-contrast boost, an edge only sharpen and a slight high pass overlay. It took me a while to develop them, I was trying to emulate the results I was getting with Neopan 100.
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