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Originally Posted by uhoh7 View Post
I don't remember using the term "unacceptable". I think I implied 135mm was beyond the classic portrait FOV---in the sense one might use FOV when discussing normal lenses.

I do think 90 is really long for every day portraits on APS-C, but apparently there are a number of dedicated portrait 135s for digital now, and when i read up I see that the range 80-135mm is commonly refered to as "classic portrait" FL.

I think most photographers would consider 135 long for a primary portrait lens. But not all--I have learned. Which is in fact why I started this thread and this one:

to learn.

I'm not taking the rest of that bait but I am curious:

"portrait lens" now does not imply any FL?

PS (I'm happy to see that at least 7 others are as mislead as me)
A portrait lens is anything with which you have taken a portrait - this seems clear, simple and right. I just wouldn't say that anything beyond 105mm is "too long" to be a portrait lens, a point upon which you have differed (and I've quoted you enough now for you to know exactly what you said - hint: it wasn't about "classic portrait focal lengths", but I've seen you back-pedal, and (mis)appropriate my own arguments, enough thus far that I know what you are willing to offer and what you are unable to confess). You suggest that you have now performed some research which has allowed you to come to a new understanding that a 135mm lens may be considered a "portrait" focal length and not "well beyond a portrait FOV".

We give thanks for what we get.

I didn't "bait you" in the previous email - I simply said that you were taking my argument as your own and conferring your own faulty logic upon me - which is not only disingenuous it is demonstrably wrong to anyone who reads what you said (unless you go back and edit).

PS how IS a portrait lens being any focal length (my argument, augmented with the suggestion 75mm-135mm are "classic" portrait lengths, with which you argued mercilessly) compatible with your belief that:

Originally Posted by uhoh7 View Post
It's a funny discussion, since as noted, the GXR has a 1.5x crop an hence 85s and esp 90s are well beyond a portrait FOV.
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