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Originally Posted by Range Loser View Post
Okay, that would explain it's lack of popularity with many people. I was considering it primarily as a pocketable camera to use with one of the pancake lenses.
Can anyone out there comment on image quality?
I have NX10 with pancake lens 30/2.
I know that sensor is older than nx200 etc etc etc, but what do you want to know about quality?
Lens is very good and very cheap and must have in Samsung pocket. Really.

Samsung NX10, ISO800, Samsung lens 30mm f2

and this from Samsung NX10 with LTM Canon 50/1.2 at 1.2

So... some LTM lenses works with Samsung NX. I know that Canon 50/1.2 and Jupiter-3 50/1.5 works perfectly, because I have experience with theese both. I heard that some 35mm LTM lenses will work too, probably LTM Canon 35/1.5. 28mm and wider not work. M-Mount is unfortunatelly impossible in Samsung NX.
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