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Good thread! Those xmas tree pictures are lovely, Thomas. Really nice and festive.

I just got my second J12, so I now have one in each rangefinder mount, and I've noticed something - I can't put a hood on the LTM mount one, but I can on the Kiev one. The LTM one is built so that the whole body of the lens moves forward and back while the front element seems to stay still, meaning the body butts up against any hood that I mount. Is anyone else's like that? And if so, has anyone found a hood that fits?

Anyhow, pictures:

Looking down the aisle, Derby Cathedral. by Coldkennels, on Flickr

Waiting. by Coldkennels, on Flickr

Untitled by Coldkennels, on Flickr

Harai Goshi. by Coldkennels, on Flickr
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