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Originally Posted by mdruziak View Post
I'm not sure what you mean by that. Plustek doesn't relabel other manufacturers scanners. On the other hand, we do manufacture scanners for other vendors.
Plustek's small format scanners are not better or cheaper than Reflecta's (the only other manufaturer). Both are producing scanners that are not better (I'd say they are inferior, but that is just my opinion) than scanners that are now 10 years old.

Two manufacturers that produce scanners that are so close in price and capabilities 10 years after 'big boys' left the market, IMHO means that not much R&D goes into this and that both manufacturers use readily available parts (sensors, optics) that are cheap enough to meet the price.

So, I don't expect Plustek to build a much better MF scanner than Reflecta (optically). And I wouldn't expect it from Reflecta, if Plustek was the first to introduce it's MF scanner.

And yes, I REALLY hope that I'm wrong and it's certainly good news that Plustek is bringing it's MF scanner to market.
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