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If one doesn't enjoy using the X100, then of course they will be disappointed. No camera will please every photographer. I did not enjoy the Canonet G-III (focus) and the Lumix G-1 (IQ) ... so I sold them.

I enjoy mine. I accepted the fact that the X100 is an autofocus platform and moved on. I use mostly focus and recompose. I use AF-S sometimes and MF other times (with the AF button) depending on the circumstances. It's about as fast as a analog rangefinder (I useded to a ZM body for a couple of years). It is much slower than a DSLR. My keeper rate (focus wise) is similar to what I experienced with the ZM. I don't mind glancing at the exposure compensation dial when I take it out of the bag.

I take it with me wherever I go.
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