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I own a T and a XA. I got them around the same time, some year and a half ago. I practically don't use the XA anymore, and I carry the T whatever i go. Based on what i've been reading in this thread, about light leakages and shutter problems, i guess i've been very very lucky. No problem whatsoever so far with mine, and i've used it and mistreated it a lot. I hope you can fix your problems. Efix, about buying the XA, some people just love that camera, i think it's great in its conception, probably superior to the contax in its design concept, but the lens is worse, and to me it's a lot harder to use.

Here some shots i made with the T since i have it (all the scans are lab ones, some not so good):

Hope you can bring your t back from the dead. It's an amazing shooter...
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