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Originally Posted by Jamie Pillers View Post
The manual focusing of these cameras is misunderstood, in my opinion. Yes, if you try to manually focus by rotating the focus ring, it takes forever to reach focus. However, just like the Contax G cameras, if you use the focusing button on the back (it falls right under your thumb when holding the camera in your right hand), 'manual' focus is a snap. And I mean SNAP!

Put the camera in manual mode (simple slider button on the side of the camera). Press the focusing button and the focus immediately locks on whatever you have it pointed at, and it stays focused at that distance until you re-press the button. Perfect for manually focusing on a desired object, or for zone focusing. Its a GREAT system. I can easily focus on the subject as fast as I ever did with Leicas, maybe faster.

That's just another way to skin a cat IMO ... if the AF system can't detect sufficient contrast it won't focus no matter which method you choose. What you describe is not manaul focus ... it's user selected auto focus!

One thing that really did impress me was the metering ... I though it was as good as or better than my D700!
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