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Why I sold my X100
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Why I sold my X100

The basic feel of the camera was wonderful, the viewfinder is spectacular, a quite capable lens, and the sensor could create some beautiful images.

But there were just too many issues to really satisfy. Too many times I had to fiddle with the darn thing. The best thing about this camera is the viewfinder and it's sensor. At best the controls are a mixed bag. If I put the camera in a bag or a jacket pocket dials would turn and settings would change. Often the exposure compensation dial rotated (I've noticed I wasn't the only one with this problem). The tiny rear jog dialed just plain sucked for feel (and I don't have big meaty hands). Manual focus is unusable. Auto focus was always an issue especially anything within 3 feet. If both the subject and I were moving AF sucked. I always had to plant myself and let the subject come into view and then fire, even then it could miss 30% of the time. And shooting f/8 all the time is not my idea of fun.

Can you tell I'm pretty disappointed? I thought there was a chance they would improved this design. I sense an engineering staff with loose oversight. They are already dropping the current sensor to put in something completely new while ignoring all of the minor design flaws in the current product. They need some product engineers to slow them down a bit in order to mature their ideas. Maybe Fuji should purchase Olympus and use their ergonomic engineering staff to supplement their sensor group. I can only hope they get one of these cameras right someday.

I'd give it a 6 out of a 10. Not good enough to keep. I sold it.

In any case you can see some of my shots with the camera over in my Flickr set including one of the bad ones.

It's a nice camera but too many problems for me to tie $1200usd into. For those of you enjoying it great, I'm sure you'll produce wonderful images. I'm not out to spoil the party but just give a little different point of view. Now where did I put my MP?


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