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Took apart my T last night - rather simple really. The putting back together was more challenging ... might do a short tutorial video on this as well :-)

Anyhow, I blew my rocket blower a bit on the innards of the T, hoping that I have blown away all the residual dust that has been gathering below the top plate. As a positive side effect, my viewfinder is now clean from dust as well.

So far, the shutter seems to open and close properly as it should, so I hope my little disassembling and dust blowing has done the trick. I just loaded it with a roll of cheap Superia 200-24 to make sure it works properly before I load it with slide film again.

My last roll of E100G probably has some blank exposures and some I took twice when I was unsure whether the camera had exposed properly. I will report back as soon as I know more.
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