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Originally Posted by Steve M. View Post
I was trying to decide between one of the T's and a Minox 35 MB. Expensive, old, complicated electronic cameras scare me to death. One minute everything is great, the next you can end up w/ a costly doorstop. The price difference between the two cameras was pretty large, so even though the T arguably has a better lens, I went w/ the Minox. If it dies unexpectedly it's less money to lose.

I once owned a Hexar AF that had a very similar issue w/ the shutter button. They're known for this problem. My fix was to take the battery out of the camera and quickly and solidly press the shutter button about 100 times in the hope of clearing up the contacts. Worked like a charm and I never had any more problems w/ the shutter button.
Yeah, costly electronics repairs is what I fear most in the lifecycle of my T. So far it has been working flawlessly, though. I hope it's just the battery. Thanks for your input!
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