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Originally Posted by bobbyrab View Post
In discussions such as this you can only make generalisations, by my saying IQ was important I was not saying that photographs had to be sharp and detailed to be good, there are a great many photographs I love that are neither sharp or detailed, but if IQ wasn't important to you why would you by an expensive camera, what makes you buy a Leica rather than a Holga. It's one of those subjects that allows serious photographers to run to the high ground with the frankly patronising assertion it's all about the photographer not the gear, you don't say, you mean I can't buy talent! Who'd a thunk it.
With one or two exceptions, one being one of the current Magnum guys that uses P&S, who of the greats past and present have not used the best equipment available to them in their format of choice.
That's my point, really. Once you're above your personal interpretation of a quality threshold (and a Holga is way below it for the sort of pictures I want to take), you don't base your choice on image quality: you base it on how much you like using the camera.

The main reasons my Leica MP may give me 'better' pictures than my Pentax SV (free), both with 50mm f/1.4 and f/1.5 lenses, are that I'm happier using the Leica because it's smaller, lighter and easier to focus, and I've had more practice.

Yes, I really like the 50/1.5 C-Sonnar but I seriously doubt that many people would see much of a difference between that and the Super-Takumar: certainly, less difference than composition and tonality would make, and they're independent of the lens.

When it comes to 35/1.4 lenses, the Leica choices are so much smaller than any lens for a reflex, even though the 35/1.4 I had (on loan) for Contax reflexes may in some ways have been a 'better' lens than my pre-aspheric Summilux. And I prefer the Summilux to the 35/1.7 Ultron because it has a focusing tab instead of a focusing collar, though the extra half stop is nice too.

In other words, once IQ is adequate (and 'adequacy' is a personal judgement), an awful lot of other factors come into play. Factors, I suggest, that are seldom acknowledged.


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