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Tools that make it easy to record high-quality photographs offer the photographer a tremendous advantage because they increase the likelihood of recording a technically competent image. But making excellent photographs that say nothing to one's intended audience is as pointless as making photographs that can't impact the audience at all due to profound technical flaws.

People who view/enjoy your photographs don't care about IQ. They care about content. If the IQ does not interfere with what the photograph communicates to the viewer, the IQ is satisfactory. In other words, there is a minimum technical threshold required for a given photograph and once that threshold is exceeded, the technical aspects of photography can be ignored. Great light is much more important than resolution. A photograph's emotional impact is the only thing that trumps great light.

Think of a person who's word made a profound impact on your life. If you heard those words from a decent 1960's tape recorder, would their impact be diminished compared to a state-of-the art audio system?

Photographers who make photographers solely for themselves are different. Some would spend $10,000 on travel to make photographs with a $500 kit. Others prefer to spend $10,000 on equipment and never travel. Either way, they are responsible only to themselves because how their work impacts other is of no importance whatsoever.
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