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Originally Posted by Roger Hicks View Post
A lot of the time, I suggest, the answer is "Not very". Only very, very rarely do I need the kind of quality I can get from (say) my 75 Summicron on my M9.

To me, it's a lot more important that my Leicas are (relatively) small and light and (for me) extremely easy and pleasant to use. Conversely, I get no pleasure at all from trying to use a camera the size of a cigarette packet with a screen on the back.

It comes back yet again to the 'quality threshold'. Once a camera delivers results that are 'good enough', then they're, well, good enough. My old Pentax SV with its 50/1.4 is 'good enough'. After that, for me, it's usually down to how happy I am using the camera: to how easily I can use it to get the pictures I want. If I want the ultimate in quality, after all, I can always switch to a bigger format. All the stuff about 'Leica glass' is usually irrelevant.

Who else feels the same way?


Can't argue with that except for adding a bit.

One's end product may or may not need high resolution, if that is what is meant by image quality in this thread. Indeed, IQ is thrown about by most without actually defining it. I see a lot of great soft photography and to me, that is quality...not high resolution. If the picture is good enough, that to me is quality.

Conversely, if one is after super high resolution, then, I suppose picking up a pimple on someone's arse at 300 yards would be IQ. But, then, I don't know of a person within my life that wants all of their blemishes to be shown on a portrait.

For me, it is necessary to strike a fine balance between the photographer, the equipment and the final image. If, I, the photographer does not enjoy the equipment, then, I am not going to enjoy working hard to produce the final image. So, is an M3 good enough? Yes. Was any one of my Nikon DSLR's gooe enough? Yes and no. Yes, they could produce the sports images but at the end of a game/match, I couldn't wait to put that bloody thing back in the bag, go home and have a drink with some ibuprofen for my sore arms and hands.

In my possession now, since having sold all of my digital gear and studio gear, are a Leica M3/Leica R4/Nikkormat Ftn/Olympus XA2 and a Nikon 4004s. All film cameras of course. The M3 and R4 do all the work. The 4004s does all of the slides. The Ftn and XA2 are being retired as the image quality of both is not up to par so I am not going to waste any more time or energy with those.

Would I like to have an M9? Sure! Even an M8. But my equipment is good enough. So is my life, and I am not complaining.
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