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CLE repair: Panorama in NYC incompetent?
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CLE repair: Panorama in NYC incompetent?

Based on this site's suggestion:

I took my CLE in for a CLA at Panorama Camera Repair on west 30th street in Manhattan.

When I got the camera back, I noticed that the rangefinder patch was off vertically. I showed the repairman, and to my complete surprise, he couldn't see the problem! He treated me like I was crazy.

Later, I checked the horizontal alignment. At infinity, it looks o.k. though the vertical alignment problem makes it difficult to be sure, but at a meter away, the focus is off by two inches.

I took it back to Panorama Camera Repair, and he told me that within two inches is good enough b/c of depth of field and that no repairman in the world can align a rangefinder to the accuracy that I want. He says there is always a margin of error, and two inches is pretty good.

My question - is he right? Or is Panorama an incompetent repair service for any rangefinder? From what I understand, this shop repairs all of Adorama and B&H Photo's cameras.
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