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Contax T, anyone?
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Contax T, anyone?

I recently found out about this little camera, which came as a surprise as I wasn't aware that such a tiny little rangefinder with such wonderful Zeiss optics even existed. (I had read about the T2 and T3 before, so the fact that the T was an actual rangefinder seemed surreal at first ...) Now GAS has struck, and as I'm a big fan both of Zeiss lenses and of fancy rangefinder cameras, I'm seriously considering to postpone the acquisition of an M2 (I already have an M8), and getting a T instead.

However, I would first like to hear the opinion of those who own(ed) one, in respect to its reliability, used market price and quality of the lens. I've seen some pictures on flickr which looked stunning and showed the typical Zeiss qualities, so I'm pretty sure I'll like it. How easy or difficult is it to operate the camera? Is there anything I should be aware of? And chief of all: do you have some pictures taken with a Contax T to share?

Many thanks in advance!
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