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Brilliant! I love old brochures like these. Girlfriend recently bought a Minolta Mini projector (cute thing) which came with a whole bunch of old Minolta literature. Stoked!

Originally Posted by Spavinaw View Post
hoh7-As a Canon user, thanks more than I can ever express.
The 50mm f2.8 lens writeup says, "Ideal for copying, enlarging..." The 50mm f3.5 lens writeup says, "Universal lens for use on camera, enlarger, etc." Did you all know these were also enlarger lenses? I surely didn't!
Was very common back then, lenses were expensive after all. That's why a 39mm enlarger thread is still the most common. I suppose by the time 39mm fell out of fashion, more and more specialised enlarger lenses were available cheaply.

For those with fixed lenses, I have a 1940s-1950s Kodak book which shows you how to use a camera as an enlarger! I think you still leave the negative in the film gate.
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