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Originally Posted by buzzardkid View Post

That CCR Luton vulcanite you have on yours, would it be possible to spray paint that to the correct colour (with some of the paint you obtained, where did that come from again?)


I could spray it - in fact the original covering on that camera was grey (as far as I can determine). I may try that on this one, as a trial for the K when that's finished,

The paint came from HMG in Manchester - they made it up specially for me. It's nitrocellulose base, so spraying should be OK. I thought about using a stoving enamel, but they thought it would fill the engravings too much.

When can you do a chip test for me? ~ I would like to see how close they got your paint.......

The Grey painted IIIC K's had the RLM paint and the postwar chrome cameras had a real dark grey (discolored) looking vulcanite a different shade than the Black, Grey over spraypainted stuff.

May/June 1945 was an impossible time for supplies at the factory and I'm surprised that the factory could even make vulcanite and chrome a few hundred cameras!

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