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Originally Posted by Jaans View Post
Thanks Tom for that information. I guess those auctions at Westlicht can put a moderate conditioned iiic-K camera out of reach of people such as myself. I think that Westlicht also garners a lot of publicity, so potentially they have a lot of buyer interest.

It sounds like your sitting on a small goldmine with your collection. With the prices of K's and other military cameras rising even after the much publicised Global financial crisis, it makes you wonder what their prices will achieve if in a few years the economies of the world make a moderate recovery!

Looks like for now I will have to resign my search to local op shops and e-bay for a K camera when motivation strikes me.

I wonder what the chances are of one turning up in one of these shops? You always here stories of members finding Leicas in such places!

Well, with these the IIIC K Grey Painted cameras 80% of them are in the USA, or at least found their way here since the end of WW2 and now most have been scooped up by collectors, the best cameras came from WW2 veterans estates, which are now all but gone and since sold, very very few cameras make it intact to camera shops or dealers anymore.

I've been researching/collecting these cameras hardcore for about three years now and there's been a great change in the market and also the availability of good ORIGINAL matching numbers lens/body cameras, the past year has seen very few fine cameras offered and prices almost tripling despite the bad economy, the Grey "K" shutter cameras have been one of the few photographic collectibles that have actually increased in price and value instead of decreasing........and I don't see a downward trend, with less and less cameras around in the open market I see prices ever climbing skyward.

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