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Originally Posted by Jaans View Post

I have been following these threads on the K since their inception. So, I wonder if there were any K's sold at that recent auction that sold the MP2? Or were the buyers more interested in M cameras?

It seems that it is becoming increasingly difficult to find Leica IIIcK cameras that have the magical K on the shutter. There are a number of K IIIc's on the internet but without the K on the shutter.

I guess a K shutter can make a large difference in the outcome of the final price?

The price for that Leica MP2 is truely astounding. I wonder where the other 5 are?

Yes Jaans, I think the're were 3 Grey IIIC K's at that auction ~ Westlicht normally has at least 1 or 2 K shuttered cameras always for sale, the K shuttered Grey painted cameras are even move coveted in Europe as they are here in the USA.

One Luftwaffen camera did like $15,000

A WH camera did like $17,000

and a normal civilian camera did $4,200

There was also a postwar modifed camera that had a replacement body shell and parts that sold for $1,900

So the Grey cameras have gone up very well in price in the past 12 months, maybe some of the few cameras among collectors that have really MADE money during this bad recession, I know my cameras have all but doubled almost tripled in value in the past 3 years.

The examples being offered recently too on the evilbay have been poor condition cameras, many with missing parts or vulcanite and without original lenses.

The original lenses make a great difference in a cameras final price, a camera is worth at least $600 to $800 more if the lens on it is orignal and if the "K" is on the shutter $500 to $1,000 more.

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