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Originally Posted by LeicaTom View Post
Well, this one just sold on evilbay for a hair under $3K......

A camera far from perfect, (it was originally sold from Texas on evilbay about 3 months ago) it had excessive paint wear/patina (the camera was at best 75/80% paint not 90% as the seller stated) and it had that ugly Flash Sync, but it's a sign that the prices for these cameras in clean original to near mint condition are worth even higher prices than $3,000 ~ makes me happy!!!!!!


I have been following these threads on the K since their inception. So, I wonder if there were any K's sold at that recent auction that sold the MP2? Or were the buyers more interested in M cameras?

It seems that it is becoming increasingly difficult to find Leica IIIcK cameras that have the magical K on the shutter. There are a number of K IIIc's on the internet but without the K on the shutter.

I guess a K shutter can make a large difference in the outcome of the final price?

The price for that Leica MP2 is truely astounding. I wonder where the other 5 are?

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