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Originally Posted by john neal View Post

Here's a couple of pics of the CRR vulcanite now on my non-stamp K.

What do you think?
Looks pretty good....haven't compared it to the real thing yet, I'm lucky I need only two shells restored and painted and I have them already off of "donor" cameras, I still have to perfect the shutter "K" stamp and I will restamp those two cameras once they are finished........

Tomorrow I should be getting back in the mail "The Major's Camera" (a US Army Signal Corps Leica IIIC K Grey from very late May 1945) as I RETRADED my "Wetzlar" M6 & /series 5/f2/50 Cron for it, it will get a roll of film in it right away, as soon as I can get a pretty gal over for portraits.

I'll take some new shots of the camera as soon as I can and post here, it will be good to have another full-time Grey IIIC K as a "user" again, I've been missing toting around the Grey paint ever since I traded 469 K for my M8

WW 2 Leica Historian and Rare Military Leica Camera and Lens Consultant Services (for Civilian and Military Engraved Leica IIIC "Stepper" and IIIC K models made between 1940 to 1946)

I'm a Retro PinUp Photographer using vintage M39/LTM Leica/ CZJ Sonnar/ Nippon Kogaku and Canon lenses with a Leica M8 Digital
I'm also a Vintage Volkswagen Collector, Driver and Enthusiast ~ I own a 1957 "Oval Window" Beetle named "Blauchen" (oV!Vo) Beep!

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