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Originally Posted by LeicaTom View Post
John, once your project starts back up I would be interested in possiblly getting the shell for my August 1945 #39059x K done ~ I will HAVE a reproduction "K" Shutter stamp made soon, prehaps we can exchange services?

Tom, I will get around to spraying a sample of vulcanite and let you have a look, but it may be a few weeks. I have finally landed a paying job with a good firm, and need to get established in that before I think about my toys

I will need to get it done before February, as I'm starting a degree course and I think that will probably fill a lot of my non-work hours. The K is back together as far as a working shutter. I next need to look at the RF (I have a new beam splitter to fit), then it's a rebuild and test followed (probably) by new vulcanite by CRR and a coat of paint.

I'm still trying to decide whether to repaint the top plate - it is badly brassed, and using cellulose would allow me to strip it back very easily should I need to. The bottom plate is more of a trial - I only have a chrome one (original missing) that needs to be reverse chromed and painted. I managed to screw up the first try at that - too much caustic in the bath, and too high a current left me with a plate that has deckle edges

If my colour works out OK, I'd be happy to trade services, let's see how it works out.

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