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Originally Posted by enasniearth View Post
i had read that there were two grey paint types used on the wartime IIIc cameras.
was able to compare these two original paint samples , here are some photographs .
on the left a chrome wartime IIIc with the grey paint vulcanite shell , this is the color refered to rm 75 violet grey .
on the right is a late grey paint wartime IIIc , the paint is closer to blue grey , darker in tone and flatter finish , not glossy as earlier type .
both are original paint .
the background is a faded army green t shirt that happened to be in the truck , so background color is not neutral .
Very nicely done Al,

The IIIC K Grey is one of the HARDEST cameras in the world to photography due to the hue of the Grey's being different in every shot.

The website that had the best color charts and information on the RLM history of paints seems to have been removed from the net, I had perfectly matched my 1943 camera at that time to RLM 75 ~ but the model airplane color charts have that color way too light for what I had originally had matched the camera too.

So far that I have seen in person (with my cameras) is that the 1943 (May) and the 1945 (August) are the SAME color tone, which is RLM Grey #75 or as Al has said Violet Grey ~ so pretty much the Grey cameras and their vulcanite shells were painted this color, which does look/turn a slight bluish grey in certain lighting......

Now for the Grey painted vulcanite chrome cameras, there's still alot to be learned, clearly Al has a camera here with LIGHTER looking vulcanite, I have a camera with DARKER looking vulcanite, it may have to do with paint mixes or how the paint holds up over the years, while the camera I have the Grey painted vulcanite is also a flatter finish.

John, once your project starts back up I would be interested in possiblly getting the shell for my August 1945 #39059x K done ~ I will HAVE a reproduction "K" Shutter stamp made soon, prehaps we can exchange services?

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