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Originally Posted by john neal View Post

Tom is really your expert on these things, I only know a very small amount about this. The early IIIb and IIIc production had (I think) the same pattern as the IIIa, this changed in 1942/43 (?) to a slightly "looser" pattern that was then common until late in the war years. I'm unsure whether there was then a different run from 1944/45 to the end of the IIIc, but before the post-war sharkskin.

I'm sure Tom will correct me here - Tom?

I have a chrome 1945 IIIc K (non-stamped) that has the correct period pattern in new vulcanite courtesy of CRR. Peter has reformulated the covering to use a non-rubber resin and has the ability to apply the correct pattern when he applies it. I don't know the full details, but it is worked into a thin sheet and then applied to the shell at about 150 deg C - the pattern applied by pressing down hard with a hot iron and a silicon "master".

When it comes back, it's a little soft, but hardens over a couple of months and looks just like the original. Smells a little different though, probably due to not having rubber in the compound. Peter has obviously done a lot of research into this, as he can also re-vulcanise a tired curtain to give it a few more years of useful life (maybe 10+ ?).

I'll try to get some shots of the new covering posted later in the week.

My marked K is from 3 days before D-Day, and grey, so the plan is to get Peter to recover it and then respray with the RLM 75 - I had a batch made up a while ago (genuine cellulose lacquer). Peter will spray if you want, but I wanted to do that myself. the chrome one should probably have grey vulcanite too - the original was believed to be grey - hence trying the grey kid skin to see what it looked like, but there is not enough depth in the pattern for my liking. maybe that one will get sprayed too, we'll see......

Hope that helps

What you said John is how is was........the pre Oct 1942 pattern is IMPOSSIBLE to reproduce or replace, unless you have a donor camera.

I have never seen the CRR vulcanite up close, so I can't tell anything about that quality......

I restore my cameras with donor vulcanite shells, (I only have two cameras I have to do that to anyway) one has to have a RLM Grey treatment (John you have to have a sample shot onto some broken vulcanite so I can see the finished hue and see if it matches the original) ~ One of my Grey's must have a replacement shell (DAG did the one that's on it now, and it looks ok from 10 feet, but up close it's not good enough) ~ the Chrome IIIC K I have also needs a Grey shell, but these too were a differnet color Grey than the Grey painted cameras.......

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