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Originally Posted by ChrisC View Post
Hi - I'm a fan of relatively 'slow' lenses. I have the C-Biogon, and the more I use it, the more amazed I am by it's rendering.

I believe I have the best 35mm lens for ME on the 'M' platform that I could get at ANY price. I have no inclination to photograph at f1.4 or f2.0, and I prefer f8 photography to wide-open/fast-shutterspeed photography, so my C-Biogon is my 35mm lens-for-life. Why not treat yourself, and maybe you too might have the best 35mm 'M' lens you could have. I heartily recommend you subscribe to Reid Reviews and read Sean's recent article on 'slow' 35mm lenses on the M9.

.............. Chris
I agree with you and yes Sean's insight is great. Please subscribe.
I might soon be carrying 3 35mm lens for walking around.
IE VC35f1.2 35f2v4 and the c-biogon
Leica M7
35f1.2 Nokton
50f1.1 Nokton

Wants to be a Leica Wedding photographer
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