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Originally Posted by nikku View Post
Good points. How does it compare size-wise to the GF1/EP series? Size and weight are important considerations for me, which is why I sold my DSLR, intent on replacing it with a m4/3rds camera sometime this year. But if the NX10 is not much bigger or about the same size, then maybe I'll go with Samsung. You're right though about silly "retro" styling. Forget the M8/M9, if I want to shoot with a manual focus camera I'll use my old film cameras.

What I don't want is a bunch of consumer oriented zoom lenses. Panasonic and Oly have at least shown a passing interest in making prime lenses, but they have been slow to get them out on the market. I'm still waiting for the 14/2.8 prime to be released, which would give m4/3rds a standard WA lens, a fast normal lens (20/1.7) and a nice short telephoto/macro/portrait lens (Leica 45/2.8) which would cover 99% of my needs. (Yeah yeah, I can get that with one zoom lens, but I just prefer primes.) If Samsung beats them to the punch and realeases some nice fast primes, and keeps the camera size reasonable (about the size of a Leica M/Olympus OM) then yeah, I think I'll go with the NX10 also.
It will be interesting to see the NX10 side by side with either an Olympus e-620 or one of the cameras in the poll above. As I said in my prior post, I'm currently leaning towards the EPL-1 due to cost, but in any event the NX10 deserves consideration.
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