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Originally Posted by Keith View Post
When I first got my R3A I used it constantly and was amazed at just how good it was ... fifteen or so rolls of film later I got bored with it, sold it, and went back to using my M2 or Zeiss Ikon.

I still haven't quite worked out why this happened yet?
In my case it's because I now shoot mainly medium format. The few 35mm cameras I've kept have to be a little bit special in order to stay, both in terms of how they handle and perform, and of their feeling of quality. The Leicas are, so is the OM-2N, the Pentax MX, the Konica IIIA, the then Nikon F2 (now F3HP)... the R3A was a very competent camera, but it never really wormed its way into my heart. The SLX that replaced it makes me smile every time I pick it up.

Let me put it this way - had I broken the R3A, I'd have just bought another one; if I broke the M3, I'd cry.
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