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_ 04-09-2007 10:14

RFF Salon - April 2007 - Theme: Water
Post deleted by author request.

ray_g 04-09-2007 10:31


Epson R-D1, 50mm Nokton at f/1.5


RML 04-09-2007 11:24


Leica M2
Carl Zeiss Planar T* 50/2 ZM
film: Lucky SHD100, developed in caffenol; shutter time & aperture unknown

Tarzak 04-10-2007 06:06

1 Attachment(s)
OK, now duck.

Bessa R, CV 35/2.5, Fuji Reala.

Marc-A. 04-24-2007 00:32

I like this theme, I also like the pictures already submitted. Ray, yours has been taken in Morocco, right? Very beautiful, very suggestive. Ok, now my interpretation of the theme, water as rain.

Ballet under the Eiffel Tower (Leica M2 / Summitar / TriX)

MikeL 04-27-2007 09:46

1 Attachment(s)

ray_g 04-27-2007 11:01

Thank you, Marc.

Your link does not seem to work for me?

Marc-A. 04-28-2007 15:14

Hope my link works now. Is it ok?

Gabriel M.A. 04-30-2007 07:10

Pity there were few entries, but that didn't make judging any easier! The entries were very good!

I had a really hard time between MikeL's, Ray's, Tarzak's, RML's and Marc's...well...all; Memphis' was interesting.

After a lot of wrestling, it came down to just between RML's and Marc's. RML's has a beautiful composition and engages you to look at the elements in it, and it is dominated by water...then the reflection, then whatever is floating on it.

Marc's has a beautiful interpretation, with a human element in it, and a great composition that is both disciplined and breaking away from convention. You can see raindrops falling, and the umbrellas simply underline this water theme.

I can't look away from either.

After much much deliberation. Marc's "Ballet under Eiffel Tower" is it. Is there a sweaty smiley with a hand fan?

Tarzak 04-30-2007 15:43

hear hear!

Marc-A. 04-30-2007 16:56

Thanks a lot Gabriel :)
Merci, c'est un honneur. It's an honnor taht you selected my pictures for several wonderful pictures have been submitted (Ray: I'm drifting away in an oriental dreamy world when I look at your picture ... cool water running on your arms by hot days ... making mint tea ... just wonderful).

Many many thanks again :)


ray_g 04-30-2007 17:30

I finally got to see the photo, Marc. Truly excellent. Congratulations!

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