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telenous 10-30-2006 13:58


Originally Posted by Nachkebia
as for 25 ZM I don`t even know what could you buy instead of this magic lens! 24 elmarit? good luck :D

The Biogon 25 is a great lens (your photos prove as much). But the Elmarit 24 is also very special.

Artorius 10-30-2006 14:25

Here's mine
M3 SS, meter works good and is only a 1/2 stop under from my L 308S, ML Grip and MP Winder from PhotoEquip(I highly recommend 'em), 50mm DR Summicron, Bug-eyed Summaron f/ 3.5 35mm, Elmar f/4 90mm, Domke Strap.

I for see a MP ala carte in the VERY near future.

photogdave 10-30-2006 17:42

1 Attachment(s)
This is fun!
My new M6 Weitzlar with 50 Summicron and hood, and M4 with CV Ultron 35. Some Mamiya TLRs as a backdrop.

Nachkebia 10-30-2006 20:43


Originally Posted by telenous
The Biogon 25 is a great lens (your photos prove as much). But the Elmarit 24 is also very special.

Indeed it will be very special, most probably more special then biogon but For $2,895.00 :D
As for been mad! I love you too! :D

telenous 10-30-2006 21:04


Originally Posted by Nachkebia
Indeed it will be very special, most probably more special then biogon but For $2,895.00 :D

Agreed. Sean Reid has reviewed both lenses; the optical differences are very subtle; the price difference not so.


As for been mad! I love you too! :D
Hey - it's the artistic sort of madness :p :)

All the best as always,

ywenz 10-31-2006 05:07

My dusty M6:

Gid 10-31-2006 08:17

1 Attachment(s)
M6 + newly acquired Pasoptik 21 2.8

ywenz 10-31-2006 08:34

Gid: what version of the M6 has only "M6" and not "Leica M6" on the body?

sherm 10-31-2006 08:48

That may be the Panda version....

Not completly sure though


drewbarb 10-31-2006 09:09

That's not a Panda- they have black controls on a chrome top. I read somewhere that the M6's that omit the Leica name on the front were made for a short period after the factory moved from Wetzlar to Solms and Leitz was out of the picture. It seems somebody thought having the name Leica appear twice on the front (since the red dot would now read Leica instead of Leitz, as before) was superfluous. I don't know how many were produced like this, or why or when they went back to the "Leica M6" marking, or even how much of this story is accurate, but there it is. BTW, Some nice looking cameras here. Maybe I need to take some shots of my M3's. One wears a nice black lizard skin from CameraLeather, and the other is rough and tumble crumbling vulcanite, and will probably get a new suit soon.

sockeyed 10-31-2006 12:58

My M6 Classic w/ CV 50/1.5:

And buried among the rest of my gear in preparation for a month in Borneo and Cambodia (wearing the CV 28/3.5):

ghost 10-31-2006 13:50

who fixed the hexar for you? that's good news.

raid 10-31-2006 14:12

3 Attachment(s)
Here is a mint Leica M3 SS with a mint 35mm/2 Summicron, plus a mint M6 with 0.85 finder and a beautiful 50mm/2 Summicron first rigid version. I added the Standard Leica with the Elmar 5cm/3.5into the pack of M cameras.

Excuse my unprofessional photography of the three cameras.


MikeL 10-31-2006 14:58

1 Attachment(s)
Here's an unprofessional photo of my M4. Handheld shot in the dungeon I'm working in, so it's kinda blurry.

RdEoSg 10-31-2006 15:01

1 Attachment(s)
Ok here's my baby.

Wayne R. Scott 10-31-2006 15:36

Here is my beater M2:


FrankS 10-31-2006 15:40


Originally Posted by Wayne R. Scott
Here is my beater M2:

That's what I like to see, Wayne - Leicas and Contaxes coexisting!

Wayne R. Scott 10-31-2006 15:42

And Canon P's!!!!


FrankS 10-31-2006 15:45

Leica, Contax, and Canon, oh my!

SolaresLarrave 10-31-2006 16:29

Great thread... a real feast for the eyes! :)

Must post some camera pics of my own. In the meanwhile, does anybody have a chrome body with an Asph 35mm 'lux? I'd like to see how they look.

MadMan2k 10-31-2006 16:56

A pretty poor picture, but it's my M3 with 35mm 2.5 and my 1N with the fisheye. I just got the 35 today, and went shooting with it - focusing is so different than an SLR, I probably missed it on some of the shots because I'm not used to it. I shot the last 4 on a roll with the lens cap on, too, and changed the roll in the field for the first time :p

MikeL 10-31-2006 17:15

Sidenote, why do people often (not here though) fuzz-out serial numbers when posting photos of their camera?

raid 10-31-2006 17:20

Mike: If they bought their cameras used, there is a small chance that the item could be claimed by anyone as stolen. Nobody wants to fall into such a situation, after paying a full price for the item. Hence the missing last three or four serial numbers.


MikeL 10-31-2006 17:21

Thanks for the info Raid!

emraphoto 10-31-2006 18:12

mmmmm... my m.
1 Attachment(s)
dodgy photo but here it is... took photo's in the pouring rain for hours on saturday. the m never skipped a beat.

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