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nonot 02-19-2012 07:30

I'd be hard pressed to choose between a Contax T3 and a Ricoh GR1v
Digital, I just use my iphone.

Greyscale 02-19-2012 08:47

Nikon AF600
Samsung AF Mini
Konica Lexio 70

all are very good.

sepiareverb 02-19-2012 08:55

Another vote for the Contax T3. Arguably the best lens ever put in a compact camera, and it is a very tiny thing in the hand. Smaller than a Rollei 35, right about as big as a Stylus Epic (going from memory there- tho the Stylus is certainly thinner). I've had one with me every time I've worn my coat this winter and like this camera more with every roll of film I run and every print I make. Excellent meter, great simple controls when you want them that can be operated with thin gloves on, and image quality that certainly rivals Leica glass in prints at nice big sizes. This is a camera I'm pretty sure I'll use for the rest of my life- even if I have to replace it a few times over.

FrozenInTime 02-19-2012 09:03

Another vote for the GRD IV :

The tonality from new jpeg engine with DR expansion is so good I rarely use DNG raw anymore.

Good up to ISO 800 indoors and helped along with IS and 3 axis level indicators.

malthusiantrap 02-19-2012 09:22

Among the cameras I own, I like these compacts the best:
1. Konica Big Mini - very stylish (I have the champagne version) and excellent lens, a bit slow start up time though.
2. Olympus Stylus Epic - fast lens and great performance
3. Olympus XA - Aperture priority, +1.5 exposure comp, great lens and an option for rangefinder/scale focusing. What's not to like?

I tried an LX5 but the form factor and controls didn't really mesh with my needs so I got a Ricoh GRD III. That Ricoh is a joy to use and the images are just fantastic.

Gary Sandhu 02-19-2012 09:36

Film: minolta tc-1
I like it better than the contax t3 because of the wider lens and better controls.

Digital: canon s95 ( I don't have the s100)

River Dog 02-19-2012 11:03

My current choices are:
Olympus XA
Canon S95

OlliL 02-19-2012 11:07

Film: I really love (and missed my) Pentax Espio Mini
Just bought another one. :D

Digital: Ricoh GRD
I don't need a zoom and really like the intuitive controls.

agour 02-19-2012 11:15

olympus xa

light, cheap, fast lens

walnuts 02-19-2012 11:45

I am in love with the Ricoh GR1. I swear that thing is as good as my Nikkor 28mm 2.8 AIS. Small camera thats very well built, it has the best controls that ive ever used on a point and shoot. The biggest factor for me is that you can turn the flash off before you turn the camera on. I like the AE control as well.

Tessar. 02-19-2012 12:24

Like the White Angel, the Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim, but the rewind crank broke off on mine. I liked that I'd carried it with my other cameras so when I finished a film it had about 2 years worth of pics from lots of different locations. Also my wife's Rollei AF35M, or the original Olympus Pen

jpressman 02-19-2012 13:02

I like my S95. I liked my LX3 a lot, but someone swiped it and I decided to switch to Canon to see how it is. The LX3 had nicer b&w files IMHO.

maitani 02-19-2012 13:13

real pocketable

xa + xa4

28ti nikon
contax t2

not so pocketable
hexar af

TechCron 02-19-2012 13:44

i vote for Contax T3

Corto 02-19-2012 13:49

Oly Stylus Infinity , good lens and great handshape, protected lens and fits anywhere.


Canon Powershot SD800IS.

Very small, Userfriendly and good lens. Viewfinder.

ajuk 02-19-2012 13:52

I like the Stylus Epic (MJUII) It would seem Olympus are the only company to make plastic bodied cameras aimed at the P&S crowed to have an enthusiast following.

I recently Bought an MJUII for 1 then sold it for 25, then my other one broke, so I only had one, I wasn't going to buy another one but I managed to get one in new condition for 36.

GBR66 02-19-2012 13:55

For film Olympus XA...just found my wife's 20 year old (?) version in a cupboard with a film to be developed.....however I'd go digital everytime now for an everyday carry and I love my canon s95, it is tiny, fits in jeans or suit pocket, great IQ for what it is and is easy to use.

yukio 02-19-2012 14:26

I tend to do more public/candid shooting so I judge best based on shortest shutter lag, operational time from start-up, and ease of pre-focusing. Of the point-and-shoots I've own/owned (Contax T3, Olympus XA, Contax T, Nikon 28Ti, Yashica T4), the Contax T is the best. The XA is a close second. It's easier to load and a better value than the T, but optics pushes the T to the top.

The closest thing I have to a digital p&s would be an iphone.

lawnpotter 02-19-2012 14:50

http://www.hammacher.com/Product/81584 I dont have this but I think I want one.

nightfly 02-19-2012 15:10

The film GR1 is just a touch slimmer than the digital version and fits in the pocket better. I have both the GR1 and the GRD 3 and prefer the GR1 both for image quality (just like film) and pocketability.

The XA is smaller but fatter but works well too. The lens tends to flare and it's not as nice overall as the GR1. Also having a rangefinder with a small dim viewfinder isn't really super great so you might as well buy an XA2 for less money.

The Contax T2 is pretty heavy and fat and I actually prefer the Tessar on the Yashica t4 to the Sonnar on the T2. The T2 has a lot more control but really for a point and shoot, I feel like they are overkill.

The Contax T1 and Minox are both tiny with nice lenses but I find the barn door lens annoying and fiddly for quick shooting.

The Rollei 35 is super fiddly and heavy. Didn't get on with it at all. People love em though.

Never tried the T3 cause they are way too expensive.

Mr_Toad 02-19-2012 15:36

For a digital, I REALLY like the Canon Powershot G12.

Okay, so it's kind of a fatty when it comes to pocketing....but it has nifty manual dials on top, an active ZOOOOOOM Optical Viewfinder sync'ed with the 28-140mm (35mm equivalent) zoom lens (corresponding aperture of f/2.8-f/4.5), 5x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom (whatever that means), the rear screen is articulated so can be closed to protect the screen (while jammed in the pocket), 10 Meg sensor, 780 video, has a long heritage of multiple prior "G" versions to work the bugs out, lots of fun imaging features in the menu, and is usually priced under $400.

Sadly, the zoom lens does not have a filter ring, but there are some great after market UV protection filters that can be applied with adhesive.

HOWEVER...you can get a larger sensor with a micro 4/3 these days...at similar prices.

I just like this G12 camera...I dunno why. (I think Canon has a smaller equivalent in the Canon S95 or something...but it doesn't have a viewfinder. I am IN to viewfinders.)


anerjee 02-19-2012 15:55

Is the Fuji X10 similar in dimensions to the XA or the GR1?

Mr_Toad 02-19-2012 16:02

The Fuji X10 is sort of pocketable...except it's bigger than the XA, and the zoom lens kinda sticks out a bit.

useless generation 02-19-2012 16:21

Another vote for the Olympus Mju-II

ajuk 02-19-2012 16:31


Originally Posted by GBR66 (Post 1816372)
For film Olympus XA...just found my wife's 20 year old (?) version in a cupboard with a film to be developed.....however I'd go digital everytime now for an everyday carry and I love my canon s95, it is tiny, fits in jeans or suit pocket, great IQ for what it is and is easy to use.

I don't know how people serious about photography can be satisfied by Digicams with such tiny sensors, for me they're good for pictures on the internet though.

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