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scorpius73 02-17-2012 09:03

Zeiss 35mm f2 for Contax G
I walked into a shop and they one in the box for less than half the KEH prices. I snapped it up. I always over looked the 35mm because I had the 28 and 45. Anyone using one? Thoughts on the len? Can't wait to try it out.

furcafe 02-17-2012 09:39

It's always worked for me. For some reason, it lacks the exalted reputation of the 45, 28, & 21, but is a fine lens, basically equivalent to the pre-ASPH. Summicron.

KoNickon 02-17-2012 09:42

Yes, nice lens. I recall that the pundits said it wasn't as good as the other G lenses but it seems to be right up there with them.

RT_Panther 02-17-2012 14:12

Now that I have the 45 & 90, this will be next....

Rangefinder 35 03-01-2012 17:37

For along time the 35 was considered a runt of a litter. Lower MTR figures than 45 Planar (wide open), only fair bokeh. For years it was the cheapest lens in all G lineup. However within last 18 months it was discovered by Micro 4/3 and Sony Nex users and it price went up. Because it doesn't have a recessed rear element, it's the widest many adapters can use, hence its popularity. I shoot 35 Planar as well as 45, and 28 Biogon and each one has its niche. For a a bit wider view than 45 can provide, in low light, when one tries to isolate the subject from the background shooting wide open the 35 is the lens. And it's nice to look at.

mrlazyli 03-01-2012 18:00

Brilliant CONTAX lens, this one is my most favorite 35mm lens too.
See my flickr:

kdemas 03-01-2012 18:09

Very underrated lens. Excellent.

raid 03-01-2012 18:46

I may get it one day. I have the 28-45-90 set so dar. They are awesome lenses.

scorpius73 03-04-2012 14:46

I have a roll of expired Ilford Delta 400 souped in TMax RS that is hanging to dry right now. I walked around Chinatown in DC with the 35 on my Contax G1. Not one out of focus shot on the roll from what I see. My AF did hunt a few times. Not sure if it was because of the lens or not.

jazzwave 03-04-2012 19:56

ContaxG with 35/2 is nice pair, you can bring only one lens for G. But the best G lens are: 45/2 and 21/2.8


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