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LeicaVirgin1 12-26-2011 16:07

M3 Bleed through other frames...
Greetings. I have a 1961 M3 with a 50mm Summilux f1.4v.2...

Why did this happen? Pic. (small), see link attached/below... The lens did have UV filter on it... Whas shooting somewhat into the sun obviously.

What could this be? Any thoughts?



ChrisN 12-26-2011 16:34

It is exactly what you have described - strong light bleeding across the edges of the frame, and caused by shooting with the sun (or another very strong light source) near the edge of the frame. Just about all my 35mm cameras do that. Filter won't make any difference.

Richard G 12-26-2011 16:41

Notraces (Flickr) and Chris have it. The mechanics of frame separation is as good as it can be. The M3, I seem to remember reading, will often have thinner gaps between negatives than some other cameras, but yours don't look so thin at all.

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