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Richard G 02-19-2012 23:07

Not guilty.

wolves3012 02-20-2012 04:50

One thing that would concern me in using online storage - who owns the data? The likes of Google are well known for retaining data that they have no moral right to keep.

The other issue is what redress do you have if they do lose it or if they keep it against your wishes? That one opens up another minefield.

I think I'd rather trust the on-site approach, if needs be keeping one or more additional copies elsewhere. A lot depends just how important this data is to you.

kanzlr 02-20-2012 06:05

"the likes of google"?

google is one of the few that actually accepts freedom of data as important and who give you the option to delete your data.
facebook is another story...

if you do not want that
1. get an online backup solution where you can accept the contract details
2. put your data in crypto containers

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